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I currently work at Drift helping our largest customers build conversational marketing into their business strategies. As the first professional services hire, I helped grow the team and design processes to create compelling experiences for our customers.

Previously, I worked with Apple's iOS PR team and prior to that, I was on the marketing team at Evergage, a personalization company.

I am scrappy, highly creative, and eager to learn as much as I can about the technology industry.



Highly creative, intellectually curious leader who embraces challenges and is proficient in the use of multimedia platforms.




Senior Conversational Marketing Specialist 

January 2020 - Present

Boston, MA

Conversational Marketing Specialist 

June 2019 - January 2020

Boston, MA

—  Help our largest customers build conversational marketing into their sales and marketing strategies.

—  Delivered 100k in services and influenced 200k in MRR

—  Build and optimize advanced playbooks based on customer use cases.
—  Create content and enablement resources.
 Co-host of the Conversational Marketing Podcast.

Enterprise Marketing Intern

Jan 2019 - June 2019

Boston, MA

— Wrote email nurture sequences to Enterprise prospects with emails averaging a 35.5% open rate and 2.64% CTR (industry average is 16.4% open rate and 1.74% CTR).
— Worked with BDR/SDR and sales teams to create sales enablement content.
— Created a paid social strategy targeted to enterprise personas with ads increasing from a 1% CTR to 2.63% and cutting CPC in half to $4.74.


PR/Communications Intern

May 2018 - August 2018

Cupertino, CA

Worked with Apple’s PR/communications department on the iOS and HomePod team. 


— Developed an influencer strategy, detailing best practices in emerging media and provided YouTube editorial analysis.

— Researched new and emerging talent to engage a new audience.

— Helped write targeted media lists with relevant creators. 

— Developed product launch experience as part of the team that introduced iOS 12. 

— Conducted analysis on iOS and HomePod competitors, including Android software, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. 


Other responsibilities included: Writing press briefing notes, participation in brainstorming marketing concepts for App Store, crisis communication tracking, social monitoring, assistance in the execution of event plans.


Marketing Intern

April 2017 - November 2017

Boston, MA

Conducted market research and competitive analysis for the product marketing director.
Spearheaded an email campaign to re-engage inactive customers.
Contributed multiple blog posts on the highly regarded Evergage blog.

Other responsibilities included: social media management, influencer outreach, Google AdWords, competitive research, SEO/SEM, data enrichment, sales enablement, ABM research, event support, email marketing.

Sammi Reinstein

Magnetude Consulting 

Contributor and market researcher on a Magnetude Consulting eBook and blog titled, "Assessing Your B2B Firm's Digital Marketing Efforts". See eBook here and blog here.


As a marketing intern for Evergage, one of my projects was writing for the Evergage blog. Topics I wrote about range from financial services to customer experience in e-commerce. See the blogs here.

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Co-Host of the Conversational Marketing Podcast where we bring real-world use cases and best practices for Conversational Marketing. This podcast is here to help you bring your business into the 21st century. View all episodes here. 


Sammi did a fantastic job as our marketing intern! She picked things up so fast and exceeded our expectations with her versatility and contributions. She worked exceptionally well with all team members and had a genuine "can do" attitude every day. Sammi worked on data research, email marketing, blog writing, graphics, social media, and customer communication assignments...among many others. She also played a key role in the planning process of our big annual event, The Personalization Summit, and even came back to help with the event in September even though she had already returned to school. Thanks again, Sammi, for all your great work!

- Andy Zimmerman, Chief Marketing Officer at Evergage



Business 2 Community

Blog post "The Experts Weigh in on Customer Experience in E-Commerce" featured on Business 2 Community. 

Venture Fizz

Featured in Venture Fizz article, "It's Summertime - Bring on the Interns"

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