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Really Good Chatbots

Creator of Really Good Chatbots, a collection of really good bots built by Drift customers to help marketers find inspiration for their next bot build. Check out the site here

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World Emoji Day

 Assisted in social strategy, monitoring, and PR coverage tracking for World Emoji Day as well as helping coordinate the Executive Memoji swap. Read more here & the press release here

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Adobe Summit

Created the Drift Bot for Adobe's first virutal Summit to assist attendees with FAQs and help target accounts book meetings and connect with sales. 

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Podcast Host, Conversation Starters

Through the power of conversations with Drifters, customers, and special guests, Sammi Reinstein, explores how a focus on things like copywriting, web experience, and team alignment can accelerate revenue for your business. Listen to the podcast here

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Revenue Acceleration Guides

Author of the Revenue Acceleration Guide series. This series is aimed to help marketers along their revenue journey — from setting up their accounts to creating advanced playbooks.

View the guides here.  


Sales Tip of the Week Newsletter

Creator of the Sales Tip of the Week newsletter, a weekly newsletter for SDRs and AEs filled with best practices, conversational sales tips, and sales plays that convert. Subscribe here

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